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Edit translations with update hook

Sometimes you need to update a translation on mulitiple site installs. In that case it can be useful to use a update hook and a translation file.

The update function

First the update hook.
function modulename_update_N()
The N is the number of the update, see for more information about this. In the table “system” this number is tracked per module, so it is easy to roll it back to test your update.

Display nodes from multiple domains

Domain Access is a great Drupal module for setting acces to content (nodes) depending on the (sub-)domain.

It has great integration with Views but there a few caveats though, one of them is that it can be quite hard to make a Views display that shows content from multiple domains. There are two options that I know of:

  1. Add a Special Page Request on the Domain Settings page
  2. Disable SQL rewriting

Both have their own merits.


Vanaf 5 juni treedt de “Cookiewet” in werking. Dat betekent dat alle websites duidelijkheid moeten verschaffen over de cookies die geplaatst worden op de computer van de bezoeker en dat die de mogelijkheid moet hebben om cookies te weigeren.